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TradingDiary Pro is a user-friendly trading performance recorder with one-click import support, a wide range of configurations, useful statistics, and practical reports. The clear visual charts will help you to understand the true human nature of trading, avoid repeatedly making the same mistake, and control your behavior. Give yourself the chance to improve your performance, and become as good as you have always dreamt you would be. Risk handling is vital for successful trading, especially in leveraged trading. It helps cut down losses and it helps also to protect a trader’s account from losing all of his or her money.

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I had some personal experience with this software and I liked its simplicity. I also liked that it offers all the major investment vehicles. The free version includes a 100 trades journal per month. With this in mind, I can comment that the free solution will be enough for most retail swing traders out there.

How To Select the Right Trading Journal

It's an all-in-one suite that can your trading assistant before and after trading. Trademetria also offers a free version, but it has limited functionality. You can get used to the platform using the free version, and the fully loaded gold tier costs just $49 per month. Trademetria offers robust capabilities at an affordable rate. Tradervue offers a unique balance of value, affordability, and functionality. Tradervue makes it easy to collaborate with a coach or mentor directly through the platform, and you have total control over your sharing settings.

Protein Shakes Market Trade Research Report 2023-2028 - Digital Journal

Protein Shakes Market Trade Research Report 2023-2028.

Posted: Mon, 06 Mar 2023 08:55:00 GMT [source]

Journals provide an organized and disciplined approach to analyzing trades which can be useful for improving trading decisions. When it comes to options strategies, there are many different ways to make money.... If you want to unlock, you need to select a suitable plan from the golden and silver category. It offers a free plan as a free trial with limitations, a silver monthly subscription for $29, and gold for $49/month.


Improve your Trade will record and track every trade you're made fully automatically . It allows you to focus on important things like analyzing your trading performance. Improving your Trade will show you how much money you are leaving on the table and how you can make better/smarter trades with a slightly different entry/exit strategy.


The Pro plan, which includes all journal analysis tools, costs $39.99 per month. Over time, you can use a trading journal to identify your best and worst-performing strategies and adjust your trading accordingly. You can also use a trading journal to measure the impacts of these adjustments, ensuring that any changes you make actually lead to measurable improvements in your profitability. You can start keeping records of your trade history in several ways. A text document, an Excel worksheet, a free or a paid third-party service – you have a wide range of options.

Best Trading Journal on a Budget

This enables the platform to automatically tag trades and setups based on strategies and indicators available within TradingView. For traders who already use TradingView as their primary charting platform, this can be a significant advantage. Importantly, a trading journal should do more than simply record trades’ entry and exit points and performance, as most brokerage platforms keep track of these details for you.

Birdhouses Market Trade Research Report 2023-2028 - Digital Journal

Birdhouses Market Trade Research Report 2023-2028.

Posted: Mon, 06 Mar 2023 09:09:42 GMT [source]

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The Best Trading Journal Software to Help You Find Your Edge

Other great data points to track include stop price, risk, and commission spend. I personally use TraderSync for my trading journal, because of a fantastic design that is very easy to use and a slew of features and functionality that easily beat the competition. Investors can hold onto long positions for years or even decades without running into problems. But most short positions are much shorter in duration – a few months to a few years at most. There are several practical limitations that limit how much time traders can... If you've ever traded stocks, you've probably used a market maker.

best trade journalsrvue isn’t the easiest to use, but it has the best broker importing support. Check out our reviews on these trading journals to learn more about these high-quality options. You can use Trademetria’s tools to refine your trading strategy, conduct better trade analysis, and keep more organized notes for your trades. Research different trading journals on the market that fit your criteria and compare them side by side to determine which one is best for you.


It provides everything you need to maximize your wins and minimize your losses. 30+ auto-import brokers and 100+ manual import brokers/platform support. Auto-sync trades + features you will NEVER find in any other journal. If you’re looking for an affordable entrance into the trading journal market, you can’t go wrong with Trademetria. It’s the only option on our top-3 list that allows users to analyze their strategies with a powerful artificial intelligence engine. If you’re looking to get into a trading journal for the first time, Tradervue should be your first stop.

Afterward, decide the kind of information or knowledge you want to jot down about your journal trades. The crucial information is the trade date, asset type, and position size. After that, you are all set to start writing your trade. Adopting a good practice is to write down your logging trades directly as they take place.

One of the most valuable sources of you have is your own first-hand trading experiences. It’s a constant learning experience, and the market is always ready to throw you a curveball as soon as you think you have figured it out. Trading journals are a very personal resource, so they differ greatly in detail.


This journal has a straightforward, utilitarian interface that’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. Access our complete TraderSync review here and learn more about this powerful platform. All and all, we think TraderSync is a great all-around option for just about anyone who wants to closely monitor trading activities.