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I then gave a negative review due to the lack of any type of communication from the seller, how long it took for them to refund AND of course the stone not being what was described. Ebay actually had the audacity to remove honest, factual & descriptive feedback. Talk about unfair business practice and favoritism toward high income sellers.

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EBay — through this program — is now standing behind everything. If something doesn’t pass our Authenticity Guarantee, that buyer is issued a refund. For the first time ever, eBay is actually physically taking products after the sale of an item before it reaches the buyer.

Safely buy and sell products and services from $100 to $10 million or more

Part of that comes from ebay middleman services pages appearing prominently in Google’s search results. So, when eBay itself has a slow month, or has a problem with its own search ranking, your sales may suffer. They could even be the wholesaler or manufacturer of the products you sell, looking to cut out the middleman.Another aspect that your new competitors could be beating you on is price. It could be that they are a bigger seller and have more buying power than you. This means they can buy stock in larger quantities from suppliers, at better prices, and reflect this in their offer to customers.


“The whole concept ofauctions translates extremely well to the Webenvironment,” Gartner analyst Walter Janowski told the E-Commerce Times. The auction giant has been consistently profitable at a time when other Internet companies are languishing in the red or closing down altogether. These Chinese will set up warehouse HERE in USA and getting more of their relatives to come over and multiply…forcing MANY US sellers completely out.

You Can Not Build A Brand On Ebay

Many multisided platforms have avoided collapse by using mechanisms that keep buyers and sellers honest. Their customers include people who don’t use the Internet, as well as more tech-savvy sellers who don’t want to take the time to handle all the steps of an eBay transaction. “Trading assistants,” as auction site eBay calls professional middlemen, range from shipping and mail-supply stores to experienced eBay sellers looking to pick up a little extra money. Most assistants are individual sellers, though retail chains are picking up ground.

Not only hurting the seller and the market it causes ebay to be making less money. A seller of the same items poor condition with bad pictures and 300+ negative feedback a in the last 30 days ! So what happens here is new to ebay customer comes along buys the poor product is not happy , customer service is crap , customer more than likely never shops on ebay again. This would equal big numbers for ebay and customers would love to shop their . Ebays systems keep the little stores little and the big stores big. Ebay must not want to be a successful company anymore.

From eBay to Google Images: 7 Expert Tips to Master Online Shopping - The Wall Street Journal

From eBay to Google Images: 7 Expert Tips to Master Online Shopping.

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The insertion fee is the price you pay eBay when you list a new item or relist an existing one. Every time you duplicate a listing for auction-style bidding (something I’ll explain later), you’ll pay another insertion fee. Buyers will not join your marketplace if you don’t have enough sellers; neither will sellers if you don’t have enough buyers. Another potential market failure that multisided platforms cannot address is when one side has an information or bargaining advantage over the other. Fearful of being exploited, the weaker party is unlikely to participate.

The model is similar to StockX’s new “Vault NFT” program, where NFT collectibles are tied to physical sneakers, stored in a vault. While eBay is first using the facility for trading cards and collectibles, executives announced intentions to expand the Vault service to luxury items as well. In part, eBay has been courting luxury consumers by expanding its authentication process — in which third-party sellers send products to an authentication middleman, versus directly to buyers. Over the course of the past year and a half, eBay has expanded this service to new regions like the U.K. And Germany, and new categories like handbags. The company first launched the Authentication Guarantee service in 2020, for watches worth $2,000 or more.

The buyer and seller experiences. for a good or service and want money released only at certain stages? Use Escrow to assure that money is released only when you're happy with each step. From computer hardware to luxury goods, you can safely and easily buy and sell merchandise all over the world with the protection of is integrated into both the eBay Motors website and mobile app, and is first digital payment option since the launch of the new eBay Motors app in December 2019.

If you include paypal, then I am looking at mayby cents on the dollar in fees . I do not see the advantage of having your own Ebay store and paying $15.95 a month versus just selling on Ebay without a store . I don’t think you could of made $150,000 without ebay. When business changes so should you, like Why didn’t you take your net income to pay the fees?

Amazon’s cut from sellers breaks 50%

They can do whatever they want with their altitude. Giant company like ebay doesn’t even have a telephone customer service system. They don’t want to be bothered with buyers, sellers, that’s why they only have customer service thru email.

Please send me an email on how to join the class lawsuit against ebay. I would take this article with a grain of salt since the success of an E-Bay seller really depends on several different factors. Location, sourcing of items at the right price and quality of listings I think are the three most important factors that will be determine the outcome of your success for most individuals. Now, fees are part of any business – whether you pay E-Bay or a hosting company on your own website – fees are a harsh reality of creating your own business. Many people like myself would much rather focus on sourcing and taking care of the actual sales process than spending time, money and effort trying to drive customers to your site.

Your risky requirements are subject to that information being used by your cheap labor and selling in on the black market. I mean really, what the hell do you need a birth certificate for, unless you are trying to find your birth mother after being adopted?? What I would like to know is that if I pay this and Ebay does not reinstate my account can I go down to my district attorneys office and file felony criminal extortion charges against Ebay. EBay has an extremely unfair, inconsistent and discriminatory method of "patrolling" the community. "We value your membership in our community and your feedback is very important to us." PAH!!

She arranges the pick-up time and meets the buyer at the client's house to oversee the transaction. One of the great promises of online shopping is its ability to keep prices down by cutting out the middleman. Well, now it appears the middle man has elbowed his way into the online sales experience.


Today I AM eating bread, without the chesse, insted, due to eBay. Ebay claims It is a violation to sell rifle scopes on Ebay to locations outside the USA. Fact is I got an Email from Ebay president Bill Cobb back in February saying I can sell the scopes.

I got an email from Cobb saying I could sell rifle scopes outside the USA and should relist the items they turned off. If anyone wants to do business with me, or even just ask me some questions, please drop me an email or a PM and we’ll talk. I’m in the UK, but have no problem with dealing overseas as long as you don’t!