And if you set a password like this, it’s easy to lock your Mac, without even clicking your mouse. After that, add your PDF file and enter the password in the top-right corner. Next, click on “Add password” and a protected PDF file will be saved in the same folder.

You should see the name of your plugged-in USB drive. An easy way to determine if BitLocker is installed on your Windows operating system is to type 'BitLocker' in your Windows search bar. If you get a display window that says 'Manage BitLocker', that means you have BitLocker installed on your computer. This text is a type of code which can be used by your computer to create something known as a “.Bat file. First, you’ll want to open up a fresh, clean notepad folder. In that folder, you’ll want to copy and paste the text below.

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For reading and writing other file formats into and from pandas, we recommend these packages from the broader community. Looking for a way to convert a excel file into a txt file but does not tab out the data. I was looking this up and did not find much besides others adding it to notepad++ and other programs to get the tab character and replace/removing it all with nothing. To get the csv file imported to a new worksheet, select Load.

Some CFG files, however, use a custom format and style designed by the developers. This makes it harder to change those files without relying on developer support (or by using trial-and-error). Flushing your cache removes saved IP records. As such, this process will enable your browser to reflect the updated IP address from the edited hosts file. If you’ve edited your Mac hosts file, but your changes aren’t going live, the problem may be with your DNS cache.

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Also, be sure to pick a password that you’ll remember. Obviously, they all come with different bells and whistles, but ultimately, they can they can all do what you need them to do, password protect your folders. Basically, password-protected folders help companies stay secure and compliant. Google does not stop people from different devices or locations from opening a document, nor does it prevent multiple people from logging into the same account at once. As a result, sharing a Google account password is a very valid method of leaking documents to outside parties. Two-factor authentication only helps to stop access by hackers.

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Install the current version of Notepad++ from Notepad++ Downloads webpage. Allows for the comparison of two files side by side. Adds a few XML tools to Notepad++, including tag auto-close and pretty print. Once you’re in the Programs and Features window, look for Notepad++ and uninstall it. First, ensure you’re running the latest Notepad++ version (as of now, it’s 8.4.9).